Inertia/starlight sensor It is used to provide accurate space position and reference for aerospace vehicles such as satellites, intercontinental strategic missiles and spacecraft.
Plasma cleaner Used for cleaning, activating, coating and etching of various materials and parts.
Mass spectrometer It is used for the monitoring and testing of various major materials in biological fermentation, environmental water quality analysis, iron and steel industry, petrochemical industry, atmospheric monitoring, catalyst/material research, fuel cell and other industries or fields.
High vacuum degassing furnace The equipment is used for high vacuum of aluminum product parts and vacuum exhaust to its external, temperature control and high temperature baking.
Vacuum storage system The vacuum system is an automatic oil-free vacuum degassing device with automatic air extraction and automatic measurement.
Driving mechanism test platform It is used for oil-free thermal vacuum test of solar panel driving mechanism and other products.
Electronic cabinet test platform It is mainly used to simulate the high and low temperature environment under the high vacuum state on the surface of the moon.
HXMT energy detector experimental platform The experimental conditions of HXMT energy detector in orbit are simulated.
HXMT satellite X-ray calibration device platform Accurate calibration of data from astronomical satellites.

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    Established in June 2018, huailaixing hanghaoyu vacuum technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the r&d, production and sales of vacuum standard parts, vacuum non-standard parts, vacuum valves, vacuum cavities and vacuum equipment. Located in huailai county emerging industry demonstration zone uav industry port, close to the G6 highway huailai county garden town exit, about 60 kilometers away from Beijing changping district, the transportation is very convenient. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing shu zhou weiye vacuum technology co., LTD., with a total investment of 50 million yuan and a plant area of about 3,000 square meters。


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